Chance e.V. - Zukunft für Menschen

Our Vision

Holistic Shalom

We empower people in extreme poverty to live in dignity and self-determination – as unique individuals who are loved by God, valuable members of society, and responsible caretakers of Creation.

We enable communities to experience peace which we understand as holistic Shalom. The word ‘Shalom’ means peace, but its meaning goes deeper. In Hebrew, the dimension of Shalom is always holistic. The word carries the connotation of being whole or complete. Therefore, Shalom describes a deep state of well-being, becoming whole in all areas of life and attaining, thus, “life to the fullest” as stated in John 10:10.

All our activities aim at empowering communities and groups, that live in extreme poverty, to experience this type of Shalom and well-being as shown in the graphics. We focus on communities in areas of great social and environmental need or significance such as indigenous communities in conservation areas.

Gelingendes Leben – Shalom in allen Lebensbereichen