Chance e.V. a future worth living
Our Vision
Holistic Shalom
Chance e.V. - Holistic Shalom We empower people in extreme poverty to live in dignity and self-determination – as unique individuals who are loved by God, valuable members of society, and responsible caretakers of Creation.


What we do
Holistic and sustainable community development

Holistic and sustainable community development In long-term partnerships, we empower local communities to strengthen their self-determination and improve their holistic quality of life.


What we do
Holistic child sponsorship

Chance e.V. - Holistic child sponsorship We organize regular activities with the sponsored children and also accompany their parents.


Thank You
Chance e.V.- „Muchas Gracias“ or „Ashé Oleng“

„Muchas Gracias“ or „Ashé Oleng,“ that’s how our partners say „Thank You“ in Spanish or Kimassai. They are the people for whom your care, your prayers and your donations open the doors to a better future, a future worth living for everybody.

Together with them, the international Chance team thanks our friends and donors. Your support encourages and motivates us to continue our work with and for the poor.